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Energy renovation: guidance for the design and implementation of construction nodes

Energy renovation is a main goal of the 'Green Deal' and therefore also one of the priorities in our 'Ambitions 2025' strategic plan. One challenge of this renovation wave is to produce high-quality construction details at a reasonable price. A survey among our members showed that it would be helpful to add principle details, including specific features, to our database. The advantage is that in this way all the performances that a construction detail needs to guarantee – stability, continuity of thermal insulation and airtightness, limitation of hygrothermal risks etc. – are taken into account.

A whole collection of Buildwise expertise in every detail for high-quality energy renovation at a reasonable price

For instance, in 2021 we prepared and published five data sheets with more than 20 details related to the internal insulation of existing walls ('BE REEL!'  project). Each connection is illustrated with clear technical drawings. These offer different options and provide information for understanding the detail in question, the challenges and possibilities of adaptation depending on the situation and the phasing of the work.

Available since 2016 and regularly updated, this database is a valuable resource: not only is it complete, user-friendly and evolving, but with it construction professionals can find all the information they need based on a handful of criteria. To encourage its use, we placed a teaser on social media to attract new visitors.

In addition, we are reviewing the potential of digital tools like BIM to offer greater visualisation possibilities and to improve our internal production and publishing process.