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Smart buildings

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Towards smarter buildings, throughout their life cycles

The 'Smart Buildings in Use' cluster brings forward-thinking companies together to create innovative solutions for smarter buildings. More efficient (digitalised) buildings management and maintenance form the basis, but increased energy efficiency, comfort and experience are also discussed. New technologies can upgrade a building, turning it into service provider for its users and so helping meet their increasing expectations.

To guide the sector in its evolution towards smart buildings, the cluster is keen to stimulate cooperation and knowledge pooling. We did this in 2021, including by working on the following publications:

  • the case studies on smart buildings: by analysing, documenting and publishing case studies, we seek to mobilise and inspire contractors and builders to invest in smart buildings
  • the information document on interoperability in smart buildings: interoperability refers to the ability to make systems interactive by the exchange of interpretable information. We will come back to the importance of this point in an extensive publication
  • the practical guide 'Smart Buildings': this document provides insight into the steps a decision maker has to take in a construction project in order to make his building smart.

The outcome of all these initiatives is increased knowledge for the various construction process partners and innovative partnerships between members, enabling the market to develop further.

Smart Buildings in Use is a cluster of and for companies. Its strength is collaboration and knowledge exchange.