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'Working fast and safely' roadshow

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'Working fast and safely' roadshow

During September, October and November 2021, we organised no fewer than 18 roadshows at as many construction materials dealers across Belgium. For this we partnered with Constructiv and Fema. During the roadshows, contractors could test different technologies and get to know the Buildwise better.

For example, they could test an exoskeleton themselves, watch a drone produce accurate images of hard-to-reach building elements and experience how safety competences can be taught by means of serious gaming. Visitors could also try out digital measurement applications and experience the possibilities of augmented and virtual reality. They also learned of the Cpro free online price offers software.

In total we reached 900 contractors and their response was very positive. In a survey, the contractors gave the Buildwise a score of 4.3 out of 5.