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Proposition and recommendations on a source localization method for popping noise in large window frames based on the analysis of lamb waves propagation.

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Complaints concerning popping noises issued by thermal movement have increased due to the use of large window frames with energy-efficient glazing. This phenomenon can have multiple causes and is usually addressed by trial-and-error adjustments without knowledge of the problem location. We propose recommendations for accelerometers positioning and for a source location detection method based on the analysis of Lamb waves propagation signals measured on one in-situ aluminium frame. The method processes information carried by the S0 and A0 modes to estimate the problematic areas. Processing is done in temporal and temporal-frequency domain to decompose the signal into its S0 and A0 components. It shows that most of the energy is carried by the A0 wave while the S0 wave propagation time, due to non-dispersive characteristic at frequency * width of concern, can be used for source location detection based on wave front time of arrival detection.